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#BreakFree event with Braun Silk-Epil 9

written by Julia Lundin June 10, 2015

Kris Atomic - 427a284a-0503-11e5-a2df-7ad1c200b233 - Original

Hello lovely people! I am so excited to finally share with you the pictures and video from the Braun #BreakFree event that I attended a couple of weeks ago (hopefully you remember snippets of it from my Instagram and Snapchat). Today is finally the day when I’ll tell you all about it, step by step.

So me and other bloggers gathered at The Rosewood hotel for a day of work and fun, and started with an introductory breakfast hosted by the lovely Braun team. We all shared our personal experiences using the new Silk-Epil 9 epilator (if you’d missed my review you can find it here) and received some great tips from a celebrity beautician and Braun ambassador, Nathalie Eleni.

Andrew Kendall - fe627e42-0515-11e5-9005-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - fdc64fc4-051d-11e5-81c2-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - b3c84e2a-0515-11e5-b1fd-46bfd53c547e - Original

Later, each of us received a £100 and was set with a 1 hour shopping and styling challenge during which we had to create an outfit inspired by one of Jessica Alba’s iconic looks. As I have mentioned in my previous post #BreakFree campaign is fronted by Jessica Alba who is also Braun’s beauty ambassador. So we basically had to quickly run to any store we wanted and had to come back to The Rosewood hotel in an hour with clothes that would show off our legs and be similar to Alba’s style.

Kris Atomic - 14ff2276-051c-11e5-9c96-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalAndrew Kendall - 050f3828-0513-11e5-964c-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalAndrew Kendall - d34d1ed0-051d-11e5-9572-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - b2c791cc-0513-11e5-ac23-46bfd53c547e - Original

During this challenge most of us ended up shopping in Zara (so many nice clothes this season, soooo many). I had my eye on about 10 different dresses. I wanted something short, loose and quite bohemian. So after about half an hour spent in the changing room and running around the store barefoot I have chosen a beautiful porcelain print dress, suede vest with tassels and even some feather earrings to complete the look. And all of it was a little under £100 which is quite a good deal if you ask me.

We then headed back to the hotel to start prepping our hair, make up and legs for the photo shoot wearing the outfits that we bought during that hour challenge (and had some more food, of course).

Kris Atomic - ceaa1938-0517-11e5-a6de-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - 54df5a16-04f7-11e5-9654-46bfd53c547e - Original

Andrew Kendall - d2b8da76-0514-11e5-a6eb-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - 3a4bcde0-051c-11e5-a032-46bfd53c547e - OriginalAndrew Kendall - 2d0c7cc6-04f7-11e5-a191-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - 3ea99998-0504-11e5-9443-46bfd53c547e - Original

And here is my look. I am very happy with my shopping challenge finds and think I have showed off our prettified legs quite well too, haha.

Kris Atomic - 776db04a-0502-11e5-ba8a-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - 97d27690-0502-11e5-9ccd-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - 84c42610-0503-11e5-ac97-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - 37eacda4-0502-11e5-8dc6-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - fa4725c4-0501-11e5-906c-7ad1c200b233 - OriginalKris Atomic - 2194d08a-0503-11e5-a295-46bfd53c547e - OriginalKris Atomic - dbde896a-0501-11e5-b60d-46bfd53c547e - Original

Kris Atomic - f72d303e-0503-11e5-a9b7-46bfd53c547e - OriginalHope you enjoyed these pictures guys! Also make sure to watch the video from the event too!

Julia xo

Photography by Kris Atomic and Andrew Kendall for The Apartment

ZARA dress and vest


Sponsored by Procter & Gamble

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