How To Wear A Camel Coat

Camel Coat and Sneakers

Current fashion has little rules these days. You can get away with almost any style and trend and you can mix and match as much as your creativity allows you. So there are 1001 ways to style a classic camel coat lately and my favourite one is to wear it with sporty shoes.

adidas superstar; saint laurent bag
how to wear camel coat

There is something very chic about making your classic coat casual. And the easiest way to achieve this effect is by wearing trainers and something casual underneath. 

I personally got on this coat and sneaker trend about two years ago and it's my absolutely favourite go-to outfit for every day meetings, errands and even some evening events. 

camel coat and sneakers

ARMANI JEANS sweatshirt dress
LEVI'S jeans
ADIDAS sneakers