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written by Julia Lundin June 27, 2017
When Levi's invites you to celebrate the beginning of Glastonbury and get some denim pieces customised and personalised - you go!

My three favourite pairs of denim (boyfriend jeans, black jeans and shorts) are all from Levi’s and I don’t think I will ever feel a desire to switch up my game and search for some other styles to replace these. They’ve been with me through few seasons and years by now and if that’s not the definition of eternal classics I don’t know what is. So when Levi’s invited me to board a luxury coach and spend the night in Bath, UK, I was all in.

Upon arrival to our home for the night at Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel and dropping our bags off we immediately proceeded to our own mini festival at The Pig. Imagine the most stunning venue with insanely good food, music, games and Levi’s Tailor Shop at your disposal. The situation was kind of perfect. We got to customise some new denim pieces (I am keeping the result for the next post, so just wait for it), dyed our own t-shirts (see VLOG below), ate like royalty and danced like no one is watching! I have a full video diary of my trip below this post so make sure you watch it.

Thank you Levi’s for having me!


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Keri H June 27, 2017 at 9:40 pm

Aww this looks so fun! I actually have been shopping for a good pair of Levi’s for awhile now!

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