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A guide to a weekend in the South of France. Part 2

written by Julia Lundin October 14, 2017


Welcome back, everyone! In the previous post I told you all about the hotels that I stayed in over my weekend in the South of France and, as promised, here is the overview of the many activities that we engaged in over those two days. It’s never boring in this sunny corner of the world!


We started the weekend by visiting the town of Marseillan. It’s the cutest small town located right on a large lagoon with the stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. The water was so still and blue and the weather was so warm that I couldn’t believe that I am still in Europe. Marseillan is also the place where the incredible project – La Baraquette – is already growing. In 2019, when it’s planned to be opened, it will be the most luxurious resort with a five star hotel, villas and apartments, boutiques, restaurants, yacht club, vineyard and an affiliated wine academy. La Baraquette will offer a ‘rural luxury’ experience to its guests due to the resort being fully integrated into the Marseillan town and its scenery. It sounds like a piece of paradise is being built right now.

After a walk in the town and a short drive, we then arrived at Tarbouriech restaurant which is famous for its oysters. Actually, this whole area is world famous for the oysters and that’s one thing that is an absolute must to try if you are ever there. I was always leaning towards ‘I don’t really like oysters’ after trying them just once before in my life. I left the restaurant with a completely different opinion though. I ended up eating 6 cold oysters and 1 (huge) hot one. And to be honest, I would like to have some more now, please!


In the same town of Marseillan sits the historic La Maison Noilly Prat, where the vermouth is produced since 1813. We had a private tour of the property where we learned how vermouth is made and a had lovely tasting session. Perhaps it’s silly of me to only learn it now, but I never knew that vermouth is made of white wine and herbs.


Let me just start by telling you that last Sunday was very, very tasty! And it’s because we spent it tasting olive oil and truffles at Le Mas d’Antonin. If you could just visualise the perfect oasis of olive trees, nature, stylish French cottage in the middle and even some cacti, that’s what this place looked like. We had a tour of the property, met┬áthree adorable dogs who search for truffles, tasted olive oil and finished with a wonderful picnic that had a strong truffles element to it. Even though the truffle season starts only in December, we still got a taste of the famous mushroom.

So you see, you can do so much if you decide to spend a weekend in the South of France. Your taste buds will be at the all time high, your mood will be great because of the weather and you will be well rested and full of memories.

So what are you waiting for?

Au Revoir, my friends!



Natali October 14, 2017 at 2:42 pm

Oh my… Pure hedonism!! Beautiful photos and such a great location to visit.


Shannon October 17, 2017 at 11:47 pm

Those oysters had my mouth watering! The south of france is like the perfect, slow paced vacation destination! I love the photos you captured.



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