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Desert Dream: Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi

written by Julia Lundin April 5, 2018
Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Welcome to the desert! Welcome to Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi! This stunning resort is located within the sanctuary of Wadi Khadeja and is one the most picturesque location I’ve ever stayed in. Something about being on my own in a gorgeous private villa in the middle of the desert left me speechless and catapulted this resort to the top of my memories list.

Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi


My luxurious pool villa looked like something out of an Arabian fairytale. I have never slept in the desert before, surrounded by nothing but sand. It truly is a special and magical feeling to be so immersed in nature, listening to the loud bird songs with an occasional glimpse at a gazelle or an oryx. This was also the biggest villa I’ve ever stayed in, with the nicest bath and dressing area. Oh how I wish I had more time to spend there.

Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi
Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi
Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi

Oh and that pool! Isn’t it just so beautiful to have that blue oasis in the middle of all the sand? I must say, that being in Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi heightened my creativity and made me want to capture this place in a new way. You know that shot of me with the chair in the desert (see below)? This is what I’m talking about. Simple ideas look rather editorial in Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi.

Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi


Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi has two restaurants, Shore House and Kaheela. Shore House offers a wonderful setting with an amazing a la carte menu for guests to choose from while Kaheela is an all-day dining restaurant with a choice of a-la-carte and buffet options. I had a cheeky double portion of tabbouleh and baba ganoush there amongst other things.

Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi
Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi


And finally, if you want to do something besides eating well and enjoying your villa, Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi offers you some fun activities to choose from. You can go horse or camel riding and enjoy the breathtaking falcon show.

This resort is a definition of luxury and I feel so happy that I had an opportunity to experience it.

Biggest thank you to Ras Al Khaimah tourism board and Ritz-Carlton for having me!

You can find more information about Ras Al Khaimah here: https://en.rasalkhaimah.ae/.

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Natali April 5, 2018 at 10:41 am

Oh yes, pure hedonistic dream! What an incredible place to visit and such a luxurious hotel to stay at! Lucky woman!



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