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ss21 jeans edit

Jeans are timeless but sometimes they also need an update. Don’t be afraid to try new styles. Trends for just a certain type of jeans (ex. flared or skinny, or low-rise) don’t exist anymore. All types of jeans are ‘in fashion’ so you just need to pick those pairs and colours that make you feel the best.

So whether you already have a great jeans collection or have only been wearing a certain style for years – it might be time to experiment.

ss21 jeans edit
April 5, 2021 0 comment
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Timeless, elegant, tailored, belted, classic, neutral with an occasional pop of colour – these are my personal guidelines for coats. There are beautiful pieces in stores right now and if I was looking to buy a new one, I would be choosing from the below suggestions. And guess what? I actually do want to add a new coat to my collection. I want a tailored, structured, below the knee black wool coat. The one that would look like a maxi blazer/tuxedo. And I found some perfect ones while making this edit.

The coats below range from under £100 to £5000 to show you exactly what I like from high-street, mid-range and luxury brands.

January 18, 2021 0 comment
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effortless chic sweaters

Chances are you don’t need a new sweater to feel stylish, chic and up-to-date with the trends. You probably already own a few great ones (but I’m going to link some of my current favourites just in case) and all you need to do is pay attention to the below details and try my advice on how to wear sweaters in an effortless chic way.

don't roll a rollneck sweater

1. Don’t roll the roll neck.

Let it just stand as unevenly as it wants to.

sweater over the shoulders

2. Wear a sweater over the shoulders of another sweater

You can match the tones/colours or make it completely different.

sweater sleeves rolled up

3. Roll the sleeves up

It will show off your jewellery.

let long sleeves fall

4. Let the long sleeves fall freely.

The oversized look will make you look chic and feel cosy.

tuck the hair in the sweater

5. Tuck your hair in.

Get a new ‘hairdo’ with just one simple tuck.

sweater and a chunky scarf

6. Wear a chunky scarf.

And leave it on indoors.

layers under sweater

7. Wear a t-shirt underneath.

Choose a non-print one and make it visible.

*affiliate links

January 5, 2021 1 comment
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coats to buy

Coats and trenches are an absolute autumn/winter must. Regardless of what you are wearing underneath – a quality, chic and timeless coat will make your outfit. An ideal capsule wardrobe would contain a few coat styles in black, beige, grey and cream. Below are some of my current favourites.




September 21, 2020 0 comment
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how to wear loafers

Hello! Big fan of loafers here!

My classic Gucci pair that I keep wearing for two years now is my absolute favourite. They are BEYOND comfortable. It almost feels like they took a shape of my foot with time and I will wear them till they fall apart, haha. So if you ever wondered – be sure of the comfort of those. I have three pairs of loafers in total (these from GUCCI, a pair from MASSIMO DUTTI and a relatively new one from ARKET).

Loafers are the best footwear for autumn and I recommend you get a pair if you don’t have one yet. I prefer classic styles that will survive all trends and seasons.

Below you’ll find a variety of brands and price points. Happy shopping!

how to wear loafers
how to wear loafers


September 11, 2020 0 comment
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You can start to feel the change of seasons in the air and most definitely in the stores too. I know that for a lot of you autumn is your favourite season for fashion with plenty of layering and cosy options. I browsed through some of my favourite stores and put together a list of pieces that are worth paying attention to. None of them are trend driven which means that they won’t run out of fashion next year. They are all good quality, timeless styles that will work well with the rest of your wardrobe.


*contains affiliate links

August 30, 2020 0 comment
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blazer shopping edit

Blazers are the girl’s best friends. You can wear them during every season and occasion. They don’t go out of style and you never run out of outfit ideas. I have looked through a lot of different online stores and picked my favourite blazers for all kinds of budget. Enjoy!

BELOW £100

OVER £100


OVER £200


* contains affiliate links

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august sale edit

August sale is happening and here are some of my favourite pieces that I picked from various stores and different price points. Let me know which pieces you like the most and happy browsing.

xo Julia

*contains affiliate links

August 12, 2020 0 comment
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blue tops
blue top styling
blue top styling
blue top styling

Blue tops are my weakness. My wardrobe consists of neutrals and pops of bright blues. It goes with all shades of white, grey, beige, brown and black. It’s the colour that brings a smile to my face and the one that I’ve been the most faithful to over the years.

I have actually only got one blue shirt right now and while browsing through my favourite online stores in search for some new potential options, I’ve decided to put my favourites into this edit and maybe you can find something you’ll like too.

The below pieces range from high-street to luxury with a variety of different price points. I am also adding some outfit inspiration images for you.

Happy browsing!

xo Julia



blue shirt streetstyle
blue shirt streetstyle
blue shirt streetstyle
blue shirt streetstyle
blue shirt streetstyle
blue shirt streetstyle

*Inspiration images are taken from Pinterest

July 30, 2020 1 comment
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my quick every day make up

My make up routine is pretty much always the same. I love to try and play with different brands, textures and shades, but the steps always remain the same. I also never wear too much make up and never like it too thick. I prefer the skin to look like skin, everything to be well blended and looking very natural. For the below make up I tested Giorgio Armani Neo nude collection for the first time and mixed it with some of my long-standing favourite products. I have linked all of them below for you to buy.


make up
my quick every day make up



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Foundation: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude True-to-Skin Natural Glow foundation in shade 6

Concealer: Rodial Diamond Concealer in shade 30

Contour: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-contour in shade 20

Highlighter: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-highlight in shade 11

Blush: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-blush in colour 30

Powder: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Fusion Powder in shade 8

Brow pencil: Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brunette

Eyeliner: Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner in Basic Black

Mascara: Lancome Monsieur Big in shade 02

Lipstick: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm in shade 1

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