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Jebel Al Jais

Ras Al Khaimah,

Let’s continue talking about my trip to Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), guys. In my previous post, I told you all about my journey there and the first hotel I stayed at. And this time, I’d like to run you through all the fun activities that we managed to fit into our two-day visit.

Did you know that you can lay on the beach in the morning, explore Jebel Jais mountains in the afternoon and have dinner in the desert all in one day while is Ras Al Khaimah? This place offers such a great variety of activities and experiences that everyone can find something that they love doing there. From relaxing on the beach to hiking, climbing or even zip lining, RAK has it all.


 How would you like to soar ‘Superman style’ over the breathtaking Jebel Jais mountains and see the scenery from the bird’s point of view? You can now do it in RAK, thanks to their new Jebel Jais Flight – the world’s longest zip line (2.83km). I have to admit that I wasn’t brave enough to experience it myself (I know, I know), but, once standing at the start point and seeing other people do it I actually almost changed my mind. It didn’t seem that scary at all and the experience one would have while doing it would stay in their memory forever. Mental note, be braver next time!

dune bashing in RAK


Superman by day and Bedouin by night, not bad, huh? We spend a whole evening exploring the desert, dune bashing, camel riding and having dinner in the Bedouin oasis camp. Being in the desert takes my creative vision to the next level, as the colours and views are just so different from anything I am used to seeing in my everyday life. It was also my second dune bashing experience and you’d think I’d chicken out of it (thanks to my ‘adventurous’ nature), yet somehow, I just love it! Maybe there is a small part of me that loves adrenaline after all.


Trying authentic Emirati cuisine in AL FANAR restaurant & cafe is another must to put on your to-do list while exploring Ras Al Khaimah. With a great variety of dishes to choose from it will satisfy everyone’s taste and give you an understanding of a traditional local cuisine.

Thank you Ras Al Khaimah tourism board for having me!

You can find more information about Ras Al Khaimah here: https://en.rasalkhaimah.ae/.

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floating breakfast at Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra

Have you ever been to Ras Al Khaimah, a part of United Arab Emirates? This was my first visit and there is so much I want to share with you about this wonderful destination. So much so that I will be dedicating separate posts to the hotels I stayed in and places I visited. So let’s begin with the first (and fabulous) stop on my journey – Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra Beach luxury resort.

Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra villa
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra


After an overnight flight to Dubai with Royal Brunei airlines and a 1-hour drive to Ras Al Khaimah, I checked in into my breathtaking Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra beach villa just as the sun was rising. I had to resist the urge to start swimming in the pool, having breakfast, photographing and filming this stunning place straight away as I was in a desperate need of a nap (I’m that annoying person that never manages to sleep on the plane).

A few hours later, I woke up in an insanely comfortable bed with a ‘pinch me’ kind of view in front of me. I was, suddenly, not in grey and cold London, but in a sunny RAK, with a private pool and access to the beach in front of me. Was I awake or was it still a dream?

Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra is the second luxury resort for The Ritz-Carlton brand in Ras Al Khaimah. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, it’s the perfect getaway for those seeking a relaxing beach holiday. The resort consists of 32 luxurious villas, each with a private pool and beach access.

Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra


There is a first time for everything and after seeing a numerous amount of floating pool breakfasts all throughout my Instagram feed, I was finally able to experience this phenomenon that, quite honestly, set a new level of luxe to my previous breakfast standards.  I highly recommend you try it when you get a chance.

Talking of traditional, non-floating meals, Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra offers you a wonderful selection of fresh seafood and cuisine with a local twist in their Shore House restaurant located by the main pool and overlooking the beach and the Arabian Gulf.

floating breakfast at Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra villa
seafood platter at Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra
Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra

Guests of Ritz-Carlton Al Hamra can also enjoy a variety of Spa treatments, sunset or sunrise yoga, paddle boarding or, even, a fishing trip on the coast of Ras Al Khaimah. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a good time in this beautiful destination.

Thank you Ras Al Khaimah tourism board and Ritz-Carlton for having me!

You can find more information about Ras Al Khaimah here: https://en.rasalkhaimah.ae/.

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cote d'azur, nice

The French Riviera

Lifehack: book a flight to Nice, at Côte d’Azur, when your current city is nothing but cold, grey and wet. Pretty obvious, right? Yet we have never done it before. Until last week. I’ll tell you even more – I’ve never been to The French Riviera and it was about time we changed that.

To be honest, good weather wasn’t guaranteed at all and it snowed in Nice at the same time that it did in London (!!!) but with some positive thinking and manifestation tools in hand we found ourselves soaking up the Niçois sunshine.

Hotel La Perouse, Nice


Côte d’Azur France and HOTEL LA PEROUSE kindly invited us to spend two nights with them and I’m pretty sure that no other hotel has a better location in Nice. To put this into perspective, let me give you an example. While planning this trip, I spent a good chunk of time on Pinterest researching famous places in Nice to visit and made a mental note to stop by what seemed like a popular viewpoint to take pictures of Nice from above. When we got to Hotel La Perouse we realised that it’s located in the exact same spot and we get those famous views just by looking from our balcony or terrace.

Hotel La Perouse, Nice


We had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant, Le Patio on the first night, properly indulging in their Provencial cuisine. I can only imagine how lovely it will be in the summer when evenings are warm and the meals are served in the courtyard under the orange and lemon trees. Tres chic! That alone is a good enough reason to come back to Nice. But ’till then we got a preview of that during our breakfasts.

Staying so close to old town, the harbour and the promenade des Anglais allows you to really get to know Nice even if you are there for just two days. Honestly, Nice blew me away with its beauty. It exceeded all my expectations! The colour of the water looked like it was photoshopped and the whole vibe reminded me of being somewhere exotic and tropical. Everything was so vibrant, people were so friendly, food was so good and our memories are so happy!

Nice, you are truly nice! We will be back soon ♡

Photography by PATRIK LUNDIN

Thank you Côte dAzur France and Hotel La Perouse for helping us organise this trip.

Watch my VIDEO diary from this trip

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Grand Hotel & Spa

I haven’t been to the mountains for the past two years and that had to be changed. Switzerland is one of the prettiest places for that and the region of Interlaken is especially famous for stunning scenery and beautiful views.

That is why when I got an invite from Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa to spend two nights there, me and Patrik were on our way within a week or so. The hotel looked incredible in the pictures and our excitement level was through the roof.

1.20h flight to Geneva and 2h drive to Interlaken is all the time it takes to immerse yourself in the magically grand world of Victoria-Jungfrau. And here is a brief summary of our two days in this hotel.

Victoria Jungfrau, Switzerland


Luxurious and spacious with an impeccable interior design and balcony ‘goals’ – this was our impression of the room we stayed in. It hit all the ‘high notes’ that are most important to me once in a hotel – big, bright bathroom and a balcony with an insane view that makes you wanna squeak with excitement.


The 5,500 sq.m Spa Nescens is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland (it’s actually breathtaking) and offers :

  • a sauna complex
  • steam baths
  • massage options
  • quiet room
  • beauty treatments
  • gym

It was my first ever outdoor steam bath. It’s a rather special experience to be in an outdoor warm bath in the middle of winter surrounded but the beautiful mountains. Surreal!


And here comes my absolute favourite part of our journey – the food! Oh how good it was! We are still talking about it.

Victoria-Jungfrau has two restaurants. We visited Ristorante e Pizzeria Sapori on our first evening and were left speechless at the grandiose beauty of the room itself and the meals that we had. Nothing about this is your typical Italian pizzeria. It’s a chic culinary explosion and I only hope that I will get a chance to eat their Truffle & Mushroom Risotto again.

And just when we thought that hardly anything can compare to our Italian dinner, we dined at La Terrasse on our second day. Honestly, that was wow! Me and Patrik are big fans of cooking shows like Masterchef and we surely love our food and the meals that we tried were so sophisticated and innovative that when Executive Chef Stefan Beer came to our table to say hi, we were truly impressed by his talent.

Our two days in Victoria-Jungfrau were filled with relaxation in the Spa and amazing dinners in the evening. We left it with the best memories and in hopes of returning there some time in the future. And I couldn’t recommend this place enough for everyone dreaming of a perfect Swiss winter getaway.

Thank you Victoria-Jungfrau for having us!


We also filmed a vlog of our trip and you can watch it below.

February 23, 2018 1 comment
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The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a region in England that I wanted to visit for years now. I only ever heard nice things about it and when I got an invite to spend a night in The Painswick hotel, I didn’t need to think twice.

The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds

And so, last Friday, after a 2 hours car journey we arrived to The Painswick and started one of the cosiest and fun mini vacations in a long time. I fell in love with the interior of the hotel the moment I stepped in. Think of a chic countryside design, an incredible attention to the smallest details that will make you smile, think of the comfiest atmosphere in the lounge areas where you can relax, do some work, read, have drinks and sit in front of the fireplace. The Painswick has it all.

The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds

There is so much to do while in The Painswick. If the weather isn’t great (like it was in our case), just bring your favourite home slippers with you and relax. Or, if you feel like it, play some pool, board games or, maybe even, have a spa treatment.

Otherwise, if you are feeling restless and can’t wait to see more of the beautiful area of Cotswolds, The Painswick has some wellies, umbrellas and maps for you to borrow. How cute is that?

The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds

We literally did it all (except for the walk, as it was just too wet outside) and then it was dinner time. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, and will just mention that this was my first ever Beef Wellington, and, boy, oh, boy was it good!

The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds
The Painswick, Cotswolds

The amount of fun we had in just one night in The Painswick makes me smile everytime I think of it. It was a short stay, but we did so much. We played pool, we played Cluedo, had a massage and ate some wonderful food. The hotel is literally one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed in. I definitely want to go back there during summer, to enjoy their terraces and explore Cotswolds more.

Oh, and a special mention goes to the cute sheep theme running through the hotel, it’s just so cute!

For those of you who would love to visit The Painswick I’m happy to share a special CODE to use while booking. It will offer you a special rate of £139 (small bed and breakfast, priority for an upgrade and a transfer from Stroud station)/ The offer is valid midweek (Sunday-Thursday) until the end of February.

Please use JLPW while booking via this link.

Thank you for having us!

The Painswick, Cotswolds
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First time I came to Bath, Somerset was earlier this year when I went to a pre Glastonbury trip with Levi’s. And because the event was happening outside of the town I only got to see Bath through the bus windows. And even though it was short and quick I still noticed how beautiful and unique this town is.

So when Abbey Hotel invited me and Patrik to stay with them for a night, we never even hesitated. I was up for a road trip and an escape from London plus I knew that there would be so much to explore in Bath that the great quality time was pretty much guaranteed.


There is no better place to stay if you are exploring Bath than Abbey Hotel. Located right in the centre of the town, it has all the main historical and touristy attractions literally at its door step. Definitely can’t stay any closer to the famous Roman Baths dating back to c.60 AD.

This cosy hotel has a fantastic atmosphere and an amazing bar & restaurant where we were treated to cocktails and a three – course dinner. I’ll let the food pictures speak for themselves!


One of the things that stands out in Bath is the colour of the entire town. It’s all built in the honey-coloured stone making it rather unique. We spent a day walking the streets, stopping for tea and cake, admiring the architecture and photographing all the cute spots (which there is plenty of). We decided to leave visiting the Roman Baths for the next time when we can come and stay for longer and as a nice incentive to definitely visit this town again.

But, seriously, I think this is one of the most picturesque and unique towns in England and I hope you get a chance to visit it sometime too.

Photography by Julia Lundin & Patrik Lundin

October 25, 2017 2 comments
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Welcome back, everyone! In the previous post I told you all about the hotels that I stayed in over my weekend in the South of France and, as promised, here is the overview of the many activities that we engaged in over those two days. It’s never boring in this sunny corner of the world!


We started the weekend by visiting the town of Marseillan. It’s the cutest small town located right on a large lagoon with the stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. The water was so still and blue and the weather was so warm that I couldn’t believe that I am still in Europe. Marseillan is also the place where the incredible project – La Baraquette – is already growing. In 2019, when it’s planned to be opened, it will be the most luxurious resort with a five star hotel, villas and apartments, boutiques, restaurants, yacht club, vineyard and an affiliated wine academy. La Baraquette will offer a ‘rural luxury’ experience to its guests due to the resort being fully integrated into the Marseillan town and its scenery. It sounds like a piece of paradise is being built right now.

After a walk in the town and a short drive, we then arrived at Tarbouriech restaurant which is famous for its oysters. Actually, this whole area is world famous for the oysters and that’s one thing that is an absolute must to try if you are ever there. I was always leaning towards ‘I don’t really like oysters’ after trying them just once before in my life. I left the restaurant with a completely different opinion though. I ended up eating 6 cold oysters and 1 (huge) hot one. And to be honest, I would like to have some more now, please!


In the same town of Marseillan sits the historic La Maison Noilly Prat, where the vermouth is produced since 1813. We had a private tour of the property where we learned how vermouth is made and a had lovely tasting session. Perhaps it’s silly of me to only learn it now, but I never knew that vermouth is made of white wine and herbs.


Let me just start by telling you that last Sunday was very, very tasty! And it’s because we spent it tasting olive oil and truffles at Le Mas d’Antonin. If you could just visualise the perfect oasis of olive trees, nature, stylish French cottage in the middle and even some cacti, that’s what this place looked like. We had a tour of the property, met three adorable dogs who search for truffles, tasted olive oil and finished with a wonderful picnic that had a strong truffles element to it. Even though the truffle season starts only in December, we still got a taste of the famous mushroom.

So you see, you can do so much if you decide to spend a weekend in the South of France. Your taste buds will be at the all time high, your mood will be great because of the weather and you will be well rested and full of memories.

So what are you waiting for?

Au Revoir, my friends!

October 14, 2017 2 comments
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Have you ever wanted to have a weekend getaway in the South of France, but never got around to actually doing it? Me too, until last Friday, when I did just that and created so many beautiful memories over the following two days, that I am seriously considering making it a regular thing now.

On a Friday afternoon last week we took a flight from London Gatwick to Montpelier in the South of France to start our adventure. It was also my first time in that part of the country and I was really excited to see it. Right upon our landing I was already impressed by the scenery, with the mountains in the background and the amazingly warm weather. That lucky region still has a proper summer feeling to it! That’s when I realised that I should definitely make sure to come back here again whenever I am bored with dark and grey London, especially that it’s only a 1h20min flight.


Over the weekend we stayed at two different properties, both of them unique and absolutely stunning. Chateau De La Redorte (restored in 2016) makes you feel like you are stepping into a movie set, with its chic and elegant interior, spacious self-catering suites and Wine Tunnel in the estate’s cellar. Along with the suites, the property offers a number of ‘duplex’ apartments, all facing the stunning pool and Chateau’s manicured gardens.

Located right around the corner from the World Heritage site of Canal du Midi, Chateau de la Redorte is just the best place to stay if you want to explore the charming Languedoc area and experience the relaxed yet chic way of South of France lifestyle.


I absolutely love changing locations and hotels few times during my trips as it helps me to explore and experience more of the area as well as feel like my trip is just starting again. That’s how I felt upon our arrival to Le Couvent d’Herepian. Located in the small village of Herepian, this boutique hotel is a beautifully renovated 17th century convent with 13 suites. Equipped with a Spa, indoor and outdoor pools as well as a restaurant and bar, the Couvent is a perfect place to immerse yourself into a relaxing and slow paced life of the village, enjoy the stunning views and delicious wines and food that the area has to offer.

Over the weekend we did so many exciting things that I am going to dedicate a whole post to them in the future. So stay tuned for some stories about oysters, wine, vermouth, olive oil and truffles. Ohh!

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I can never resist New York and its fashion week. It’s just an excellent excuse to visit my favourite city once or twice a year. This was my 4th NYFW but it’s the first time I filmed it (video is at the end of this post) and first time I visited it with my Mom. 

I usually come here with Patrik who helps me take all the pictures. This time he was busy with his own work and my Mom volunteered to help me. I knew she would do a great job and that we would have the most amazing time together in New York. This was her first ever visit.

We stayed at the Empire Hotel as usual and combined the fashion week schedule with the sightseeing musts. Some of the things on my NYFW itinerary were: 3.1 Phillip Lim and Anna Sui shows as well as Rag & Bone and Rosie Assoulin presentations. While our NYC must-sees were Empire State Building observation deck, cruise around Manhattan, The Met and Central Park.

All in all, we each walked 96 km over 6 days and I believe I showed Mom everything I wanted her to see and know about New York. She was a bigger fan of uptown than downtown and preferred walking to taking subway. And she said she will be back to the city again with my Dad. 

Location & Itinerary


My fashion week outfits this season were a mix of several current trends, including workwear checkered pieces, sock boots, statement colourful footwear and that famous triangle Balenciaga bag. Best thing is that most of the current trends are comfortable to wear and it’s a true blessing during fashion weeks.

Rosie Assoulin SS18

Pinko x Coca Cola launch

Watch my NYFW diary

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If you were to have just one or two days in the wonderful resort of COMO Maalifushi in Maldives, you’d want to read this guide on how to have the most amazing time and leave the place with plenty of unforgettable memories. I did just that and here they are.


If you were into books like Robinson Crusoe and TV series like LOST, you’d be thrilled to visit a deserted island just 10 minutes away from COMO Maalifushi. It’s an amazing feeling to be standing on a tiny castaway island in the middle of the ocean without anyone else there. Of course, if you want to you can turn it into a luxury experience, by having a BBQ or a romantic picnic for two there.


We were back from Lavadhoo just before lunch and headed straight to Thila where I had a meal that I still think about: an insanely good ceviche followed by fish tacos. A little disclosure: I had the exact same lunch two days in a row, because once I find something I love, I want to have it again and again. And look at the pictures, can you blame me?


To continue your fun packed day at the resort, you can take an afternoon to try out various water activities offered  by COMO Maalifushi. I, personally, don’t do any (and feel quite ashamed about it) but it is literally a water sports paradise there. Luckily these aquamarine waters allow people like me to see all the beautiful exotic fish without going snorkeling and just by looking down from the jetty or standing in the shallow bits of the ocean.


At around 5pm we were all changed for an exciting and luxurious evening and headed to a sunset cruise on a beautiful super yacht ‘Cameron’ with the hopes of seeing wild dolphins. And we saw plenty! I think there were few dozens of them following our yacht and playing in the water. We were observing them with a glass of champagne and canapes in our hands. I actually had to pinch myself to make sure that this was really happening as it looked and sounded too good to be true.



Back on the land and straight to TAI – a Japanese restaurant – for some sunset cocktails and dinner. But first there is another must activity that you don’t want to miss. It’s the feeding of the fish and the presentation by a marine biologist on all the various species of sea life that can be found around the island.

TAI restaurant is in the best location for sunset viewings which is a whole separate activity in Maldives. And once it gets dark you are ready to indulge into the finest Japanese cuisine.


As you can imagine, the breakfast in COMO Maalifushi is pretty spectacular too. I strongly recommend you to be up early in Maldives, to experience it’s sunrises. You can do it by cycling around the island or practising yoga. Then head to MADI restaurant for some fresh pastry and fruit. And voila – you are ready for another day in paradise!

Read more about COMO Maalifushi here.

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