LFW Diary. Day 3.

Tom Martin - c03c3eaa-5fa6-11e5-90a0-aee5d44592c4 - OriginalHello with the last outfit post from LFW!

That day I took advantage of the warm weather and chose to wear this mini dress. Even though it is short it’s very autumn appropriate too with its long sleeves and thicker fabric. Maje makes such amazing dresses by the way! They are versatile, comfortable to wear and make you feel playful and girly! I could have easily worn this dress with a pair of heels, but giving that my feet were kind of done with being tortured after NY and previous LFW days, I went for a pair of chic flats instead. It’s totally up for the accessories to dress this look up or down and that’s what’s so nice about it.

So this is it for my London Fashion Week diaries. As you know instead of going to Milan and Paris, I went to Greece to enjoy some sunshine and eat nice food! And I will be back with the posts from there very soon!

Julia xo
Tom Martin - c2097cd8-5fa7-11e5-a415-aee5d44592c4 - OriginalTom Martin - aa10ea28-5faa-11e5-8531-92ce347ad47a - Original

Tom Martin - 367403c8-5fa7-11e5-9fb8-92ce347ad47a - OriginalTom Martin - 6721c270-5fa8-11e5-97e5-92ce347ad47a - OriginalTom Martin - 389158f2-5fa9-11e5-aaa7-92ce347ad47a - OriginalTom Martin - 84b2398e-5fab-11e5-887f-aee5d44592c4 - OriginalTom Martin - 463aef78-5fad-11e5-8dc2-92ce347ad47a - Original
Photography by Tom Martin for The Apartment

MAJE dress
RAY BAN sunglasses