Welcome To Conrad Maldives. Part 3.

Welcome to Conrad Maldives. Part 3.

It's time to wrap up my Maldivian adventure even though working on these posts made me want to go back there so much! Just going to put it down as one of the goals for 2017 and pencil in a date now.

I already told you everything about Conrad Maldives resort in my previous posts so by now you should have a pretty clear picture of how perfect that place really is, how good the selection of restaurants and activities is and how beautiful the surroundings are. 

I still want to add that Maldives are the prettiest place I have ever been to and, whereas, other tropical islands of the world are all stunning too, none of them look as memorable or distinct as the Maldives. I will never forget my first ever seaplane flight and the views that opened up to me during it. I won't forget seeing a manta ray while crossing the bridge (!!!) and eating in the underwater restaurant.

And so I want to make sure that this won't be my first and last visit to the Maldives and I can only wish everyone to experience it too! Go see the world people! It's so beautiful!

Thank you Conrad Maldives for having me!