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World Cup with Benefit

written by Julia Lundin July 9, 2014


Our double trouble team is back! This time me and Tamara from The Glam and Glitter blog are watching football, indulging in some gossip while getting our make-up done and all of it in the chicest pub on Earth – all thanks to Benefit Cosmetics! Let me tell you more…
When the World Cup started a couple of weeks ago I woke up one morning and I was going through my Facebook news feed when something super pink and girly caught my eye. Clicking on the story I learned that Benefit Cosmetics had taken over the second floor of a pub in Covent Garden and turned it into the perfect location for girls to watch football. I knew then and there that I would have to visit it and share it with you guys! I called Tamara and we went to explore this pink heaven. Now let me just list some of the things that are happening in Gabbi’s Head pub. You can get your brows waxed and get full make-up done every day plus have a spray tan every Thursday. All of it is complimentary for a suggested donation. All donations go to Refuge – a charity for women and children against domestic violence. You can also learn everything about Benefit products and get a skincare consultation. AH-MAZING, right?! Top it up with some delicious cocktails, snacks, gorgeous surroundings, friendly stuff and football all of which makes it one of the must-visit places in London. Hurry up and go to Gabbi’s Head before the World Cup is finished because after that the pub will go back to its old self. I say we should start a petition for keeping this place looking this way forever, what do you think? There are more than enough boring looking pubs in London (okay, maybe not boring, but definitely not fun or girly enough), and there is only one pink Benefit pub.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope I made you want to visit this cool place. Gabbi’s Head is located on 1st Floor, 150-151 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5TB and is opened everyday from 12pm.
PS. Fingers crossed for my blog’s RELAUNCH to happen this or next week. I am preparing something very special to share with you that day!
PPS. I hit 10k followers on Instagram last week and wanted to thank you so much for following my blog and making me smile! Love you guys xx

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