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Global Champions Tour with Massimo Dutti

written by Julia Lundin August 15, 2014

I’m back home from my holidays and as promised lots of exciting things are coming to the blog. And first of them is this post from the Longines Global Champions Tour showjumping event that I attended with the Massimo Dutti team. The brand has just launched its’ new Equestrian collection in stores and tied it with their sponsorship of the Massimo Dutti Trophy at the event. I’ve never been to anything similar before so when the invite popped into my inbox I jumped out of joy.

Giving the equestrian theme of the event I wanted to make sure that I looked the part. This style is not something that I’m fluent in but I like a challenge and a change, so after…3 hours at the Massimo Dutti store I left with two bags of my version of an equestrian look. Throughout the entire time at the showjumping I felt that I made the right outfit choice. Giving how amazing the new Massimo Dutti collection is choosing just one look wasn’t easy.

Now let me tell you what goes into being a VIP guest at the Global Champions Tour. Besides having seats in the perfect location to watch the action you also have a very special buffet at your convenience. And I’m not going to lie, I had the best, most luxurious lunch of my life. Just go to my Instagram (@julialundinblog) to see what I’m talking about. There were oysters, lobsters and so much other seafood that my stomach started singing serenades after just one look at the selection. After not one but two whole plates of these treasures, I felt very content. Sorry for talking so much about food, it’s just I’m a food lover and can’t do anything about it:).

All in all, I had such a good time and enjoyed this new experience. If you ever get a chance you should definitely go see either showjumping or horse races. There is something very classy and cultural about it and you get to see really beautiful horses!

Julia x

Photography by Patrik Lundin

MASSIMO DUTTI leather jacket, shirt and trousers
SWAROVSKI bracelet

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