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Postcards from Mauritius

written by Julia Lundin April 1, 2016

Happy 1st of April everyone! Have you been fooled today? I am so easily fooled that I always ask my parents not to do it 😀

I am finishing my posts from Mauritius with some beautiful images from around the island. We went on an excursion to visit the famous Chamarel Waterfall which falls by 95 metres along a vertical cliff. I was my first waterfall ever and it was breathtaking! You can feel how powerful it is far from the distance.

We then went to see 7 Coloured Earth – a natural phenomenon resulted from the cooling of the molten rock and forming what looks like a coloured sand. It’s a pretty spectacular view! Oh and you get to see several tortoises who live just near it.

The last stop on our day trip was at the Rhumerie de Chamarel (a rum distillery) where we had a lovely lunch and a tour of the distillery. While driving in the Mauritius you see endless sugarcane fields so it’s not surprising that rum and it’s production is highly popular and developed on the island.

All of these three stops are very near each other and make a great excuse for an excursion if you ever feel restless or bored from relaxing in your resort.

I surely would love to go back to Mauritius one day! Thank you Beachcomber Tours for this unforgettable experience!


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Maria April 1, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Mauritius looks like such a gorgeous island! I’d love to visit one day.


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