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All About The Base with Braun Face

written by Julia Lundin July 4, 2016

Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to all things beautiful and healthy? I definitely do and so was more than excited to spend a whole day with Braun Beauty this week. But let me tell you about it step by step.

On Wednesday me and three other lovely bloggers met in London’s St.Martin’s Lane Hotel and headed straight into one of the beautiful suites to meet the Braun team. The main reason for our gathering was to learn everything about the new Braun Face facial epilator and cleansing brush. After hearing all about it’s functions and purposes I must say that it’s quite a magical brush! It helps you with everything from getting rid of unnecessary little hairs to exfoliating your skin and applying your foundation. This powerful device can become really irreplaceable in your daily facial routine. You can choose between four different heads all of which help with a different step in your beauty preparations. You can start by using an epilator and tidying up your brows for example, then proceed to the deep cleanse and exfoliation, you can massage your moisturiser in with the help of either the sensitive brush or a sponge and finish by applying your liquid foundation. Throughout the whole process you are stimulating your skin and making it healthier, radiant and more toned than ever.

So after a tasty lunch, followed by a healthy snack masterclass (where we made our own protein and nutrient balls) we were on to the most exciting part of the day – trying the Braun Face! I used it for cleansing my face, applying my moisturiser and foundation and, honestly, it left me feeling like I had just spent an hour in the spa, when in reality it was quick yet so efficient and pleasant! It was a perfect preparation for the night out ahead of me! Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin?

I hope you guys enjoy the diary from my day with Braun and please let me know if you have any questions about the brush. I am using mine every day now!

Julia xo
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Photography by Derek Bremner

Braun Face is available in Boots for £49.99

*In collaboration with Braun Beauty

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Natali July 4, 2016 at 1:41 pm

Sounds interesting and you’re very convincing, so I might give this little machine a try! I’m very specific about my skincare and always research for a long time before I decide to test/ buy something new and include it into my skincare routine.
You’re looking breathtaking in that body hugging dress, it fits you like a glove. 🙂



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