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written by Julia Lundin August 18, 2016

Promotional Feature

Hey guys! How is everyone’s summer going? August is the time of the year when we should be having the most fun – with all the holidays and of course the sunshine! I surely hope you are doing just that!

Talking about fun, I have teamed up with Danone to show you how their new ‘Light & Free’ range of delicious Greek-style yoghurts is a perfect choice for fun-loving and fashion conscious women who believe that they can have it all! Having 0% added sugar and 0% fat, these delicious jars of positivity will hit your taste buds with 100% flavour! ‘Light & Free’ adds a touch of fun to the daily routine.

Being a fashion blogger I could not pass an opportunity to take inspiration from the cool ‘Light & Free’ design and fun illustrations on the packaging. There’s a clear link to accessories – so I thought I’d talk to you about my current favourite accessory, and give you some helpful tips on how to style and wear it.

I have always loved stacking different bracelets and bangles on my arms, and with the latest addition to my ever growing ‘arm party’, I thought it’s about time I told you a bit more about it. I recently had an opportunity to personalise a bracelet with any message – and this is how my ‘Live Your Dream. Never Give Up’ bangle came to life. I didn’t actually need to think too long about the words that I wanted to wear on my arm because this has actually been my life motto for many years now. I truly believe that having a dream and working towards realising it is essential to living a fulfilled and happy life. So, now every time I look down on my arm I am even more motivated to work harder and go further. If you ever wondered about what makes a great ‘arm party’ – I have to say, it’s all about being brave, spontaneous and breaking the old-fashioned rules which tell not to mix different metals and different colours (silver with gold for example) in the same outfit. That is definitely no longer the case, and these days trends allow us to be as creative as we want to be.

I hope I managed to charge you with some positivity guys!

Speak soon x

silk robe outfit

Lindex robe Danone Light & Free styling an arm party arm party and Light & free yoghurt white outfit floral print and ripped white denim white denim and floral kimono perfect treat from Danone
Photography by Patrik Lundin

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Natali August 18, 2016 at 2:22 pm

You did wonderfully with this post, such a great product placement, I love what you wrote and all of the photos too!
You also have an incredibly beautiful and stylish kitchen/ dining area! 🙂


Hanna August 27, 2016 at 9:17 pm

I love your kitchen! And that bracelet is to kill for –Hanna Lei

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