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Aladdin The Musical in London

written by Julia Lundin October 3, 2016

Disclaimer: There is a lot of excitement and exclamation signs to follow!

Have you already been to see Aladdin The Musical in London’s West End? In case you have, I am sure you will agree with every word and emotion that I am about to express here and if you haven’t then prepare yourself guys because it’s not often that something makes SUCH a strong impression on me!

I am actually so excited to write this that it’s hard to put words into more or less sensible sentences as it is easier to express my emotions with WOWs, Ahhhs, Ohhhs and various squeaking noises. But let me try.

Disney’s Aladdin The Musical has been a Broadway hit for years now and has finally landed in London. With a fabulous cast and orchestra, over 350 mesmerising costumes and breathtaking sets, it’s a guaranteed recipe for the most unforgettable night for both adults and kids. I definitely was expecting a beautiful and colourful show, but never did I think it will be done on such a high level which leaves you wondering whether there is a bit of magic involved there. Like, take a flying carpet for example – I really tried to see the trick in how it’s flying over the stage, but it is what it is – it’s a flying carpet! Seriously! And the beauty and the sparkling of all the costumes made me want to bedazzle all my outfits too because it’s just so pretty!

One more important part in making this story come to life is the fact that all the characters are exactly as you visualise them from the Disney’s Aladdin animation. Jasmine, Aladdin, evil Jafar and of course, the Genie are so brilliant in what they do that I had a non-stop goosebumps attacks. And I think the moment when the Genie is introducing himself to Aladdin and showing everything he can do left me speechless. Is it ok to stand up and applaud in the middle of the performance? Set in the golden treasure cave there were so many costume changes, songs and dancing topped up with the real fireworks that I think there is hardly anything else I can compare this performance to in my life. Definitely not something I have seen before!

Velvet and Green outfit
Prince Edward Theatre / Aladdin
Velvet Next blazer and green Gestuz turtleneck
Aladdin The Musical set
what to wear to a theatre
Aladdin The Musical in London
dressing up for a night out
Disney's Aladdin The Musical in london

But if you think that being blown away by the musical was the end of my night – just wait until I tell you that I went backstage immediately after it finished for a private tour of the stage, costume rooms and… I met the main cast! Yes yes yes! I talked to the Genie, Jasmine and Aladdin! And they looked so much like the real-life animated characters that I think I almost experienced a brief collision of two universes. Oh, and did I mention that I love to sing? So listening to these beautiful voices and famous songs, topped with all the goosebumps, made me want to keep pursuing my singing career again (yes, there was one before) and made this night unforgettable!

Now, I hope you get a ‘brief’ idea of what you are in for if you decide to spend an evening watching Aladdin The Musical. It is playing at the Prince Edward Theatre right now so GO GO GO!!!

p.s. A special night like this calls for an appropriate outfit. So what’s more theatre suitable than black velvet and a deep green? Exactly!

ALADDIN, , Director and Choreographer - Casey Nicholaw, Scenic Design - Bob Crowley, Costume Design - Gregg Barnes, Lighting - Natasha Katz, Prince Edward Theatre, London, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson/

Photography by Patrik Lundin
Backstage imagery by DISNEY


NEXT blazer
GESTUZ sweater and heels
LEVI’S jeans
SANDRO clutch
SPELL ON ME bracelet

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Steph Marston October 3, 2016 at 1:12 pm

This sounds like such a good show! Been wondering whether or not to buy tickets and now I think I will have to! Steph x

Natali October 3, 2016 at 3:05 pm

Love your sweater and clutch! You’re looking great in this casual outfit. I would love to see Aladdin the musical, I’m a big Disney fan and I’m sure that I would be blown away by this performance. 🙂


Emily Trinh October 19, 2016 at 4:33 pm

I’m glad you enjoyed the musical! I recently saw it a few nights ago and unfortunately I found it okay. I guess it is because Aladdin was never a story that I really got into though I loved loved loved the costumes and bright vibrant colours! Absolutely beautiful!

Emily | http://emilytrinh.com


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