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Le Guanahani, St. Barth

written by Julia Lundin May 24, 2017
I spent last week in paradise. To be more precise – in Caribbean. And to be even more specific - in Le Guanahani resort located on the dreamy island of St. Barth.

Every time I am invited on a press trip to an exotic location I just want to pinch myself. Blogging has literally taken me all over the world in the last couple of years and I still can’t believe that it’s real. This trip marks my first Caribbean destination ever and to be able to start it at St. Barth and then proceed to Antigua is simply mind blowing.
I have, of course, heard and read that St. Barth is a destination for rich and famous, that there are no ‘accidental’ people there and that it’s quite often referred to as a ‘paradise on earth’. After the research I have done prior to this trip – my expectations were high and my excitement level was over the roof. And so last Friday me and 3 more journalists boarded a plane in London’s Gatwick airport en route to Antigua. Upon arrival to Antigua we made one more (very short) flight with Tradewind airlines that took us straight to St. Barth. A quick car ride from the airport and we were immersed into a wonderful world of LE GUANAHANI resort.

At Le Guanahani you are immediately greeted by the lushest nature and the coziest reception building that is a perfect introduction to the resort’s design and its general vibe. I am talking about laid back, Caribbean vibe with colourful cottages hidden between palm trees. There are yellow, blue and lavender pops of colour everywhere you look and I got my own yellow suit as my home for the next few days.

Le Guanahani resort is made of 30 rooms, 27 suites and 10 signature suites all located above beautiful beaches and a reef protected lagoon. I spent my days in a fully relaxed mode only concerning myself with whether to swim in one of two pools or an ocean, whether to sun bathe on my own terrace or the beach and picking which delicious meal to have next. Bliss!

I think that one of the most memorable and breath-taking features of Le Guanahani is its greenery and the wild life. Where else can you meet an iguana on your terrace or have a tortoise cross the path you are walking on? I have spend a ridiculous amount of time photographing, filming, Instagraming and FaceTiming these encounters every day. And I can’t even tell you the number of palm trees, cacti and flowers shots on my camera! There are so many lush green pathways in the resort and each of them is distinctly beautiful and it’s so easy to spend your days just wandering around.

Oh and I absolutely have to mention the amazing massage I had in the Spa My Blend by Clarins – definitely one of the highlights of my stay! As well as the morning yoga on the pier for those who like to wake up early and feel energised for the rest of the day. And of course – the food! You know me, I am a foodie and I truly believe that eating is one of the most satisfying things in life, haha. Le Guanahani offers three restaurants. I had breakfasts in a poolside Indigo, lunches in Indigo on the beach and dinners at Bartolomeo. My food recommendations would include mahi mahi ceviche for lunch and local fish (red snapper) for dinner. Just thinking about the divine setting of those restaurants and delicious flavours makes me want to teleport myself back.

So there you have it, a brief description of true paradise, which I hope, will make you want to put Le Guanahani on your travel bucket list. You don’t need anything else when you are there – you just want to live in the moment. And we all deserve this escape!


Thank you Le Guanahani for having me and Tradewind airlines for flying me.


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Nevena Krstic May 24, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Beautiful photos! It looks amazing! 🙂 xx


Feyi A May 25, 2017 at 1:22 am Reply

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