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COMO Cocoa Island. Maldives

written by Julia Lundin August 4, 2017

Welcome to the most serene and beautiful corner of the world – COMO Cocoa Island.

I couldn’t believe my fortune when I got invited to visit wonderful Maldives second time since last November. My first trip left me in a complete awe that a place this naturally beautiful exists at all and that what you see in a numerous magazine and social media posts is what it really looks like. There is no need to bump up the saturation on your pictures – the nature has already done it for you. All I was hoping for is that I will have another opportunity to come back and explore Maldives even more. And I was able to do so with COMO Hotels last week.


On this trip I have visited two COMO resorts and let’s start with the first one – COMO Cocoa Island. Located just 40 minutes speed boat journey away from from Male airport, this island (also known locally as Makunufushi) gives a wonderful feeling of privacy and cosiness to its guests. It’s located in the opposite side of the majority of other resorts and occupies a quieter area. The island is only about 350 metres long and has just 33 rooms (suites and villas). Some of the room types occupy the ‘dhoni’ boats based on the designs used by Maldivian fishermen. Each accommodation type is reached by the planked walkway and have a private access to the ocean. In other words, you have your own villa on the water which is exactly how you would want your Maldivian ‘home’ to look like.


COMO Cocoa Island is a place to relax and revitalise. It offers such a great variety of activities and treatments that I am preparing a whole separate post about that for you. For now, I can just say, that I had some of the best spa treatments and meals while there.


One of the most memorable experiences from COMO Cocoa Island for me was a walk I did on the long and narrow sand strip going as far as a mile into the ocean. Can you imagine a feeling of being able to walk for 20 minutes deep into the waters with nothing else around you? It makes you feel like you have superpowers! It’s a truly one of a kind, must-do experience.


You can also explore the ocean through a great variety of water activities that the resort offers, being it a snorkel, diving or dolphin cruises. For the people like me who are a bit scared of deep waters, Maldives is where that is not a problem at all. You can see the exotic fish straight from the jetty, beach or by walking down your private villa staircase and being only waist deep in the water and literally surrounded by the most colourful and unusual sea life. These are the experiences that will stay in my memory forever.

COMO Cocoa Island has a mix of contemporary yet indigenous vibes to it making it a perfect place to really understand and experience Maldives. You truly forget the worries of every day life while there. It allows you to ‘switch off’, have a rest and restore yourself before coming back to reality. And I am so happy that I got a chance to experience it myself.

For more information please visit www.comohotels.com

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Natali August 4, 2017 at 6:28 pm

Oh my, what is this place?! Maldives are truly magical, pure paradise on the Earth!! I hope to visit it myself someday too.
Btw, you never looked better or more happier Julia, beautiful photos!


Jenelle August 8, 2017 at 4:07 pm

It just looks so magical and relaxing! I have only ever done a spa day at our COMO and it was amazing! Such a great company. I have drooled over their hotels when going through their website before. So many incredible places!!
xx Jenelle


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