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written by Julia Lundin August 7, 2017


Como Cocoa Island, Ufaa restaurant


One of the many perks of treating yourself to a stay in COMO hotels is that you leave it not only fully rested and with a camera full of wonderful pictures but also extra revitalised and energised if you choose to experience COMO Shambhala. It’s an award-winning wellness concept developed as a sister brand to COMO Hotels and Resorts. It’s running through COMO properties worldwide and promotes a healthy way of living, learning and eating. The word ‘Shambhala’ means ‘peace’ in Sanskrit. Here is a diary of my Shambhala experience.


On my first morning in Maldives I was up before the sun to start a day with a sunrise yoga right on the beach. Now, to be fully honest with you, the idea of being up so early always seems fine to me right until my alarm goes off in the morning and I realise that it’s still dark outside and maybe (just maybe) I’ve seen enough sunrises before and I should have a few more hours of sleep. That’s when my will power steps in and drags me out of bed because I just know that:

a) a sunrise in Maldives is a view not to be missed
b) starting the day this early will give me more time to experience the island and everything it has to offer
c) yoga is a good for me
d) will definitely regret missing all of the above

And so at 7.00 am I was on the beach practising yoga and with that starting my first COMO Shambhala experience of the day.

sunrise yoga in Maldives


Food in COMO Cocoa Island is a wonderful, wonderful thing. You can always choose between a special Shambhala menu of really healthy choices or an Ufaa restaurant menu. No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal. Be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner – the choice is great. I had an avocado and smoked salmon toast for breakfast, tuna carpaccio and grilled lobster for lunch, followed by a full Shambhala dinner experience. And you know how sometimes healthier choice doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the tastiest? Well, you won’t need to compromise on it here.

Como Shambhala SPA

Spa menu in Cocoa Island is incredible. I had 5 hours of treatments throughout two days in the resort and left it feeling absolutely revitalised. You can choose between 4 wellness paths: The Rejuvenation, The Relaxation, The Restoration or The Revitalisation. I picked The Restoration one and had 5 hours and 45 minutes of a full body pampering and beautifying treatments. And with that, this Spa experience is currently at number one spot of the best treatments I ever had. Because you can’t top two days worth of massages… .

You can read more about COMO Cocoa Island resort here.

And see you next time from another COMO resort in Maldives!

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Natali August 7, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Good Lord, everything looks incredible, zen spot with a delicious looking food! This is my kind of place totally…



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