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Interlaken, Switzerland

written by Julia Lundin February 23, 2018

Grand Hotel & Spa

I haven’t been to the mountains for the past two years and that had to be changed. Switzerland is one of the prettiest places for that and the region of Interlaken is especially famous for stunning scenery and beautiful views.

That is why when I got an invite from Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa to spend two nights there, me and Patrik were on our way within a week or so. The hotel looked incredible in the pictures and our excitement level was through the roof.

1.20h flight to Geneva and 2h drive to Interlaken is all the time it takes to immerse yourself in the magically grand world of Victoria-Jungfrau. And here is a brief summary of our two days in this hotel.

Victoria Jungfrau, Switzerland


Luxurious and spacious with an impeccable interior design and balcony ‘goals’ – this was our impression of the room we stayed in. It hit all the ‘high notes’ that are most important to me once in a hotel – big, bright bathroom and a balcony with an insane view that makes you wanna squeak with excitement.


The 5,500 sq.m Spa Nescens is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland (it’s actually breathtaking) and offers :

  • a sauna complex
  • steam baths
  • massage options
  • quiet room
  • beauty treatments
  • gym

It was my first ever outdoor steam bath. It’s a rather special experience to be in an outdoor warm bath in the middle of winter surrounded but the beautiful mountains. Surreal!


And here comes my absolute favourite part of our journey – the food! Oh how good it was! We are still talking about it.

Victoria-Jungfrau has two restaurants. We visited Ristorante e Pizzeria Sapori on our first evening and were left speechless at the grandiose beauty of the room itself and the meals that we had. Nothing about this is your typical Italian pizzeria. It’s a chic culinary explosion and I only hope that I will get a chance to eat their Truffle & Mushroom Risotto again.

And just when we thought that hardly anything can compare to our Italian dinner, we dined at La Terrasse on our second day. Honestly, that was wow! Me and Patrik are big fans of cooking shows like Masterchef and we surely love our food and the meals that we tried were so sophisticated and innovative that when Executive Chef Stefan Beer came to our table to say hi, we were truly impressed by his talent.

Our two days in Victoria-Jungfrau were filled with relaxation in the Spa and amazing dinners in the evening. We left it with the best memories and in hopes of returning there some time in the future. And I couldn’t recommend this place enough for everyone dreaming of a perfect Swiss winter getaway.

Thank you Victoria-Jungfrau for having us!


We also filmed a vlog of our trip and you can watch it below.

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