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Pre-Fall FENDImania

written by Julia Lundin July 31, 2018
Fendi pre fall 18

F is for Fendi and R is for Ready. I am ready to start thinking about my pre-fall and fall wardrobe but definitely not ready to let go of the hot summer days. So if anyone knows how to combine both – you know where to find me. But to be honest, pre-fall fashion collections are great for those exact reasons – you can start wearing them in the summer because pieces are just light enough to allow you to comfortably do so.

Here is my first dip into pre-fall in head to toe Fendi.

Fendi pre fall 18
Fendi shoes

Fendi is one of my favourite designer brands, and their playful accessories are always on top of my wish list. The current revival of their FF logo got me very excited and I have a whole separate post to share with you about that.

But for today, this is me in red, mixing tassels, prints and fabrics, running around London and thanking this summer for being so warm and real!

Fendi bag with tassels

Photography by PATRIK LUNDIN



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