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White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

written by Julia Lundin October 29, 2018
Tucson, arizona

October, 2018

Whenever you feel the need to get inspired, experience and see something new, step out of your comfort zone and make memories that will last forever – go off the beaten track and take a trip to Tucson, Arizona. You will see landscapes that will take your breath away, towns that you’ve only seen in cowboy movies, eat Mexican food like it’s supposed to be and you will want to come back there again and again.

After Patrik’s first visit to Tucson earlier this year, he got obsessed with the idea of taking me there, certain that I was bound to love it as much as he did. He promised unforgettable and very editorial views, cacti at every turn, tacos and guacamole to fulfil my enormous obsession with it and lots of sunshine. And so we took a flight from London to Los Angeles and then flew for just one more hour to Tucson to start our American road trip.

white stallion ranch, tucson
white stallion ranch
cowboy style


W Twin Peaks Rd, Tucson, AZ

Our first ‘home’ in Tucson was the White Stallion Ranch. Which is so cool. Because it’s a real ranch, with horses and horse-riding and cowboy hats, boots and denim and not because it’s trendy to wear it this AW18, but because that’s the norm there. BECAUSE IT’S AN ACTUAL RANCH! Well, you got it by now – I loved it there!

The magic there starts with the beautiful sunrise, followed by home-cooked meals, friendly faces and continues throughout the whole day with the endless outdoor activities that even the least ‘outdoorsy’ person wouldn’t be able to resist. Our 3 hours horse riding experience will surely forever stay at the top of my list of places to ride because it was happening amongst the Saguaro cacti (which you can only find in this specific region, nowhere else in the world) and surrounded by the mountains. For such not experienced riders like me, the following two days were a bit painful, to say the least, haha, but it was so so worth it.

white stallion ranch
hertz roadtrip to arizona
cowboy boots in Arizona


No American road trip is complete without a powerful car. For this trip, we have teamed up with Hertz UK (who have, by the way, launched a new road trip planner with 24 bespoke and unique routes that take in everything from the tried and tested to the wild and weird).

Dodge Challenger Hertz UK

We spent two nights in the White Stallion Ranch and leaving it was so difficult. We could have easily stayed there for weeks, immersing ourselves into a cowboy lifestyle, made friends and spend all meals planning our future rides together. With over 65% of return customers from all over the world, this cute ranch has managed to create an amazing oasis that is so unique and unforgettable.


white stallion ranch
horse riding in Tucson

Still need proof that White Stallion Ranch is special? Here are a few out of the 27 Hollywood movies and TV series shot there:

Wild, Wild West Once More – 1980 Robert Conrad and Jonathan Winters
Flashpoint -1984 Kris Kristofferson
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – 2002 George Clooney and Sam Rockwell

Arizona, Tucson
white stallion ranch

Thank you Visit Tucson for helping us organise this trip.

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