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The Best Boiler Suits To Wear Now

written by Julia Lundin April 8, 2019
boiler suit
boiler suit
boiler suit

This gem of a fashion piece has many names: boiler suit, utility suit, jumpsuit or one-piece. My love affair with it started this Valentine’s Day, when Patrik gave me the one you see in the pictures as a gift, knowing that a) my beige craze was at its peak and b) I’ve wanted one for a while.

It’s safe to say that boiler suits are trending right now and for a good reason. It’s the best ‘no brainer’ when it comes to picking an outfit (minus the certain meme-worthy bathroom inconveniences). You basically just need to decide on the accessories and your outfit is complete.

Here are the best boiler suits in shops now, so boiler away guys.

Julia xo

p.s. I am wearing this & Other Stories suit.


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