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Have you tried this wardrobe life hack?

written by Julia Lundin May 15, 2020
all white outfit
wearing market sweater back to front

Wearing something back to front. A groundbreaking wardrobe life hack or something that you just won’t do? I am team back to front for sure, but only if it makes sense and looks right. I find that it works best with V-neck tops and this is exactly how I’m wearing this. Benefits of this little trick are obvious – I get two tops instead of one, two absolutely different looks and styles squeezed out of the same garment. Pretty handy, ha? 

Alpaca Arket sweater

I got this warm sweater for the colder summer evenings. The ones where you leave home during the day in a tiny summer outfit and stay out for dinner and, eventually, end up freezing after the sun goes down. That’s the occasion I want to have this sweater with me for. Oh, and for the rest of the year too, of course, but that’s obvious.

sweater worn back to front
wardrobe life hack
arket sweater
all white outfit

Pairing a top like that with the rest of your wardrobe is easy. It just simply goes with everything (trousers and jeans of variety of colours as well as heels, loafers, trainers, boots, etc). I’m wearing an all-white look here because I wanted to create a light and airy feeling about it. I wanted to wear heels, but still look casual and effortless. I wanted it to be classy and elegant, yet not look like I tried to hard. And it’s the casualness of this soft sweater and the wind in my undone hair that all helped me to create the effect that I wanted.

Do you have any wardrobe hacks to share? I would love to try them, so please let me know. 

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