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3 minutes health scan and eye-opening results

written by Julia Lundin July 1, 2020
The Organic Pharmacy health scan

Have you ever wished to know exactly what’s going on inside your body? To find out what vitamins and minerals you need, what your hormone and stress levels are, which foods to avoid and how is your gut doing? I surely have, especially after becoming allergic to dairy. And let me tell you – such quick and detailed health check does exist.

Last year I was invited by The Organic Pharmacy (specialising in ethical, natural and homeopathic beauty, skincare and lifestyle products) to try their HEALTH ASSESSMENT treatment. It promised to give me the detailed feedback on my:

  • vitamin & mineral deficiencies
  • organ function
  • hormone balance
  • immune function
  • body oxygenation
  • digestive disorders
  • stress

All of these can be done then and there, during a three minutes body scan using a BioEnergetic device. The whole appointment lasted about an hour as I had a very useful pre-scan chat talking about my dairy allergy, eczema, lifestyle and my personality (hello, I am an extremely worried person, anyone else?) as well as a post-scan chat about the results.

The Organic Pharmacy health scan

As I type this, I am looking at the paper of my results and I wanted to share the important and eye-opening information that I learned: 

*July 12, 2019

  • I had 95% cortisol level (basically stress) and my ability to deal with stress was 84%. This one is a biggie. Yes, my job is stressful as it requires a 24/7 kind of attention and yes my personality is on a worrying side, always worrying about well being of my loved ones (and mostly it’s in my head and no worries are necessary), but I didn’t realise just HOW stressed I actually was on a daily basis. And stress leads to inflammations in our bodies, that can easily result in new side-effects like allergies, intolerances and skin conditions. But because I was so used to living the way I was, this stressful lifestyle became a norm – one that I wasn’t aware of even. And that had to change. 
  • My mental energy/sleep recuperation was FAIR (81%)
  • Resistance/Immune function was FAIR (72%)
  • Hydration levels were GOOD (90%) – proud of this one!
  • Oxygenation was FAIR (83%)
  • Vitamin A – 98%
  • Vitamin B – LOW – 53% (and Vit B is supposed to help me fight and cope with stress, so…)
  • Vitamin C – 83%
  • Vitamin D – 60%
  • Vitamin E – 98%
  • Vitamin K – 90%
  • Essential Fatty Acids – 88%
  • Calcium, Sodium, Iron – GOOD
  • Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium – FAIR
  • Potassium – imbalanced
  • Bowel flora – LOW – 55% (meaning that my stomach and gut weren’t doing very well at all, hence the often case of bloating and hence a lot of other things that are affected by our guts).
  • Dairy showed as a food sensitivity as well as yeast and shellfish (not intolerant but need to limit).

Pretty great for a three minutes scan right? Oh and it also showed that my favourite colour is BLUE (which is true).

The Organic Pharmacy health scan

After going through each of these with the practitioner, I was advised to up my intake of the vitamins that were on the low side and start taking probiotics to help my gut (whereas before I got probiotics from yoghurts and kefir, I had none coming in any longer). The only natural source of probiotics I could still eat was sauerkraut which I love, so taking additional ones became my routine ever since that day. 

This was an eye-opener as I knew exactly what my body needed going forward and I could really change my life by following the practitioner’s advice. Ever since then I am taking daily Vitamins B (I think I am less stressed now) and D (increased my energy levels and took away sluggishness), probiotics (so many positive changes in my stomach, my skin condition, metabolism, digestion). I was also advised to try and use CBD and adaptogens (rodiola and ashwaganda) to help deal with anxiety and stress. I have tried rodiola already and found it to be working. It made my mind calmer and more focused. And I am about to try CBD products. So I would welcome any feedback you have on it. Have you tried, what did you think? Please share. 

The Organic Pharmacy health scan

I also started practising mindfullness, short meditations, gratitude journal and morning pages. Perhaps it’s a good topic for my next post?

So here it is – a story of my health scan that helped me a lot. If you live in UK and want to try it, here is the link: https://www.theorganicpharmacy.com/health-treatments/

Don’t think twice, just message me wherever you find it more comfortable if you want to have a chat!

Speak soon,

Julia xo

*this treatment was gifted to me, however no review was required. Sharing this is purely my own idea.

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