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Burberry Trench Coat | Selfridges ad

written by Julia Lundin July 13, 2018
Burberry trench coat available in Selfridges
Burberry trench coat

*In collaboration with Selfridges

Even though we are in the middle of the summer right now, it’s not too early to start looking for your new coat for the upcoming season. I, personally, always turn to one of my favourite department stores, Selfridges, to browse through their fantastic selection of women’s designer coats. 

 In the world of fashion, there are pieces that are trendy and those that are classic and timeless. The Burberry trench coat is both. Its invention is dating back to the late 19th century and its popularity is only getting stronger with years. And I think it was about time that I became the proud owner of this classic gem.

Trench outfit
Burberry trench coat outfit
Classic Burberry print
Burberry sleeve details


When I think ‘trench coat’, I think ‘Burberry’. The classic British brand is known for the creation of this type of coat, with a vast variety of styles and twists added to its design with each new collection. I chose the classic Burberry trench coat because it will, literally, never go out of style and having this staple in my wardrobe feels like a milestone in the fashion sense of the word.

Made from the label’s trademark cotton, belted at the waist, equipped with pockets and the classic Burberry check print, this trench is truly a luxurious piece.

Selfridges Burberry coat
WOmen's designer coats in Selfridges


As I already mentioned, a trench coat is a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. It will serve you the most during spring and autumn seasons when the temperature outside is unpredictable and the rain is forecasted way too often. Selfridges has a wide variety of Burberry coats to pick from this season. From neutral colours to more daring printed styles, there is a coat there to match everyone’s taste.

The versatility of the trench coat is another reason to purchase one if you haven’t done so already. Whether it’s a part of your workwear, casual or going-out outfit, the trench will complement nearly every personal style. Wear it with dresses or skirts, trousers or jeans, boots, heels or trainers – there is no limit to the number of the outfits you can create. Here, I chose to wear it with heels and dress, but you will see me wearing it with sneakers and jeans very soon, I promise.

I am actually very excited to see where my trench coat styling ideas will take me in the autumn.

Let me know how you would style your trench coat in the comment box below and speak soon, guys!

Love, Julia x

How to style a Burberry coat
Burberry trench coat available in Selfridges
Styling Burberry trench
Women's designer coats in Selfridges
Burberry trench coat
Designer coats in Selfridges

Photography by Patrik Lundin

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